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  • Meet Anita:

    Anita Okanigbe-John is a certified life coach, sought-after speaker, author, HR consultant and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Anita Okanigbe-John Academy and The Tsori Foundation...

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  • My Mission:

    ...is to empower you achieve impossible goals and live the life of your dream!

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What People are Saying About Anita

"wow wow wow... I'm grateful to you and the whole career achievers team for this beautiful opportunity to benefit from Anita Okanigbe-John's 'Self Discovery Masterclass'. I'm only on Module 2: POTENTIAL and I am already feeling loaded and equipped to win the world. I am really happy."

Abdullah Adaobi

Abisola Owolawi

"Anita’s training style is highly engaging and thorough. She has delivered very interactive sessions at 30Watt Media as one of our facilitators – leaving participants a lot more knowledgeable about great customer services than they were. We have been very pleased with her work and definitely recommend her for training sessions”"

Abisola Owolawi

Caroline Redoules

"I found the coaching sessions with Anita inspirational and motivating. The inspiration helped me to take the actions required and to keep to my agenda. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I completed some of my tasks so easily. We looked at issues that were holding me back in more detail and how to overcome them and make them easier to tackle and hence get the result I wanted. She has good listening abilities and motivational qualities that were important to help me. Thank you Anita for giving me this opportunity to work with you".

Caroline Redoules

Ina Ejembi

"Enlisting Anita as my coach was the step I took when I was looking for the one thing to help me along the way to achieving my goals. Anita has a way of knowing what I’m thinking and provides a safe environment where I can become deeply personal and uncover my most veritable potential. Patient, persuasion and highly professional, she has a unique understanding of how to tailor this mix to each coaching session. After each session, I always feel like I have just spoken to my oldest friend who also happens to be my favourite schoolteacher. I feel set and ready to accomplish ANYTHING. With Anita as my coach, taking over the world seems as easy as snapping my fingers".

Ina Ejembi

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Milestones Achieved

Below are Milestones Achieved with Powerful Results…



Consulted for many business owners, emerging entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises



Coached and trained over one thousand individuals, parents, students, employees and entrepreneurs



Mentored over four thousand students, teenagers, victims of abuse and those dealing with addiction

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